Dark Shadows Sequence

Sample comic art sequence from the gothic series "Dark Shadows ".
Vivacious Carolyn Stoddard parties at the local Collinsport bar "The Blue Whale". In comes the local Moral Majority-type group, lecturing the revelers on the sins of drink and dance. Derisively, Carolyn's guy friend boldly lobs a beer mug at the head minister. However, the minister and his followers are revealed to be puritanical vampires/demons. Carolyn escapes as the demons ravage the bar, but is followed back to Collinwood Mansion, where the lead demon grabs her. Barnabas then appears, demanding Carolyn's release. The lead demon complies, readying to fight as a frightened Carolyn runs off. Barnabas quickly smites the two minions, then turns his attention to the lead demon, who now backs away having now seen Barnabas's power. Barnabas then grabs him, delivers a death-swat with his cane. He and Carolyn look on as the eldritch spirit of the demon dissipates.